About Us

Who we are

Davco Industrial Ltd. was established in 1982 and specializes in industrial construction projects. Davco operates throughout Western Canada. As a leader in the industry, we are committed to quality workmanship and the safety of our employees, our customers and support our community.

At Davco our key personnel are experienced and competent in their craft. We recognize the importance of education and training in today's society. With strong support from the Apprenticeship programs, we strive to train and empower the next generation of workers. Beyond practical knowledge and skills, our employees are encouraged to take pride in their work, and to maintain Davco’s reputation in the industry.

Davco’s head office, along with a 35 acre yard and fabrication facilities are in Wainwright. In Lloydminster we have a 4 acre yard, fabrication facilities, and administrative offices. We have made it our goal to maintain a well organized, controlled and systematic work environment to increase efficiency for our customers as well as to better sustain ourselves.

We take pride in enriching the community and it's programs whenever the opportunity arises. We encourage positive community growth and development and involve ourselves in community events as much as possible. This is displayed through contributions of labour and equipment to a variety of community projects and also through monetary donations to sporting and community groups.

As a supporter of the community and a leader in industry, Davco Welding has become respected as a company not only to employ but to be employed by.


Davco has fabrication facilities in both Wainwright and Lloydminster.

Our Wainwright facility includes 35 acres of yard space and 55,000 square feet of shop space. Shops include material prep (dedicated CNC beam line), Structural and Piping fabrication shops, Painting/Coating shops, as well as administrative buildings. Yard space includes lay down areas for raw material, as well as module assembly areas.

Our Lloydminster facility includes 3.5 acres of yard space, and 15,000 square feet of shop space, and administrative offices. The shops are used for fabrication and testing of piping, and fabrication of structural steel.

Mission Statement

To be industry leaders, meeting the changing needs and obligations of our customers, employees and community with complete satisfaction.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to grow the company, building projects without compromise to our values or employees.

Our Values

We Value…
We do every task safely, or not at all.

We do every task right, the first time.

Our tasks are planned, communicated, and performed effectively.
Continuous Improvement is important.

We are an accountable stakeholder in our projects.

We will act with integrity in every interaction.

Each challenge is an opportunity. We will find solutions without compromising our values.

We utilize resources in a way that protects our employees, community, and environment for future generations.