Rigid Insulation

Insulation is a crucial step in the completion of many piping systems. It is used to protect the system from heat loss, increases efficiency, acoustic protection, or personnel protection.

Davco’s industrial insulators work on mechanical piping systems and tanks/vessels. Our crews are experienced with all forms of rigid insulation, soft insulation, and removable soft covers (Valve or flange blankets). Our insulators are backed by the robust suite of project management & contract management services that Davco is known for in the mechanical construction industry. Projects are estimated, managed, tracked, and reported on using Davco’s high standards. This provides cost and schedule certainty to our clients.

Davco provides insulation services as a standalone service, or as a combined offering with our fabrication and construction services. Having the welders, pipefitters, millwrights, crane operators, and insulators all managed by the same construction management team brings efficiencies to a project. Combining trades reduces the overhead burden on the client. Clients only have one contract to manage and don’t need to coordinate sub-trades.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a product which provides thermal and acoustic protection while providing an air and moisture barrier. Several different products can be applied using the same equipment depending on the application. Spray foam is much more efficient than traditional insulation batts, and often can be more cost effective.

Davco spray foam insulates the underside of industrial skid packages, the inside of industrial buildings, as well as the walls and roofs of commercial and residential buildings. Some of Davco’s completed projects include:

• Spray foam insulate the underside of steel skid packages including Pump buildings, MCC’s, and LACT units.

• Spray foam insulation on all walls of a 16,000 sq ft industrial building. Walls were 30’ tall.

• Spray foam insulation on all walls and roof of a 6,000 sq ft commercial office building. This was the only form of insulation used in the building. Insulation filled the studs and provides excellent efficiency.

• Spray foam insulation of garage packages. Although the insulation itself costs more than batts, by time the customer considered not needing a vapour barrier, the ability to maintain an open rafters & associated storage, and the time savings it was the more cost effective option. Spray foam insulation is the most effective barrier when considering attached garages, and will protect you and your loved ones from fumes or vapours seeping through walls.

• Spray foam insulation of houses. Similar to garages, offices, and industrial buildings, houses can be spray foam insulated instead of using traditional insulation materials. The upfront costs can often be comparable; and the added insulation value and excellent sealing capability will save costs in the long run.

Davco’s spray foam insulation unit is portable. It is mounted in a self-contained trailer which can be hauled to any jobsite.

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