Our Services

What we do

Davco is an Industrial Construction Company, working across Western Canada. We build projects as a General Contractor, managing all scopes of work; or as a trade contractor, performing the Structural, Mechanical, and Heavy Lift scopes of work.

We manage our projects with our full time staff of Project Managers, Superintendents, Supervisors, Safety Supervisors, Quality Control Inspectors, Coordinators, and Administrators.

We employ certified Journeyman & apprentice tradesman including: Welders, Pipefitters, Ironworkers, and Crane Operators. We also employ: Equipment Operators, Industrial Sandblasters & Coaters, Class 1 truck drivers, and Labourers.

We utilize our network of prequalified subcontractors to take on any scopes of work that fall outside of our core competencies.

Markets We Serve

Davco’s primary market is the energy industry, and supplementary markets are the government and commercial projects.


Davco offers a single solution for fabrication of projects; procuring, fabricating, testing, sandblasting, coating, and assembly of structural and piping components. We work with a tight network of prequalified subcontractors to offer turnkey solutions for projects involving additional scopes such as Electrical, Instrumentation, Insulation, and Pre-Eng or Self-Framing buildings.

Our fabrication projects include full size pipe modules, equipment modules, skid packages (VFD, MCC, LACT, etc), and standalone pipe spools, pipe supports, and electrical supports.


Davco has fabrication facilities in both Wainwright and Lloydminster.

Our Wainwright facility includes 35 acres of yard space and 55,000 square feet of shop space. Shops include material prep (dedicated CNC beam line), Structural and Piping fabrication shops, Painting/Coating shops, as well as administrative buildings. Yard space includes lay down areas for raw material, as well as module assembly areas.

Our Lloydminster facility includes 3.5 acres of yard space, and 15,000 square feet of shop space, and administrative offices. The shops are used for fabrication and testing of piping, and fabrication of structural steel.

Pipe Fabrication

Davco utilizes industry leading welding procedures and equipment in order to ensure the best match of efficiency and quality. For high productivity welding, our facility utilizes automated ‘bug’ welders, RMD root, and FCAW fill & cap. SMAW welding is also used with appropriate procedures when conditions dictate. Our facilities are equipped to handle small bore up to 48” piping.

Davco performs ABSA approved burner tube repairs. We hold Certificates of Authorization issued by ABSA and by the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan for the construction, repair and alteration of pressure piping, repair and alteration of pressure vessels and performance qualification testing of welders.

Structural Fabrication

Davco is CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified for fabrication of structural steel. For efficiency, our shop utilizes FCAW, MCAW, and GMAW process as dictated by the project requirements. SMAW is also used as required.

We utilize our CNC plasma beam line for material preparation. Cutting, end preparation, holes, and markings are all automated reducing human error, increasing efficiency, and providing shorter turnaround time.

Media Blasting & Industrial Coating

Davco mediablasts & coats to NACE standards & client specifications. We employs NACE certified inspectors. With 60’ entry and exit doors on our largest coatings shop, we can move fully fabricated modules and packages into and out of the shop without the need to break them into pieces.

Assembly Yard

Davco’s fabrication facilities are at the same location as our assembly yard. By keeping all facilities in close proximity, we reduce material handling time, and allow for sharing of resources which lowers cost.

Specialized material handling equipment on site includes forklifts, rough terrain cranes, crawler crane and fixed overhead cranes.


Davco constructs projects as a trade contractor, or as a general contractor specializing in industrial facility construction. Projects include new construction of SAGD plants, cold production facilities, pump stations, terminals, and storage facilities. We work in both new and existing facilities.

Facility Construction

Davco constructs facilities across Western Canada. We take pride in completing all projects safely, with quality workmanship, and on time. Self-performed scopes of work include Mechanical, Structural, and Heavy Lift. We manage subcontractors for scopes outside of our core competencies, providing a complete construction management for the entire scope of our project.

Welding Crews

Davco has field welding crews for construction of all structural steel and piping systems. Our welders handle it all, from cutting and capping piles, welding down structural steel, field welds on piping and structural components, and tie-ins, both hot and cold.

Ironworking Crews

Davco has ironworking crews for installation of structural steel. Our crews construct stick built modules, stair ways, hand rails, and all manner of other structural steel assemblies.

Pipefitting Crews

Davco’s pipefitting crews install bolted piping systems, and almost anything else on the jobsite.

Hydraulic Torquing

Bolt torquing is currently not regulated in the industry. In order to provide the best assurances to our clients, Davco has strict protocol regarding flanged joints. We use calibrated tools that bolt up precisely to exact specifications, train our employees, and following engineered specifications for the flange, gasket, bolt and nut. Davco has developed torque reports, which detail the procedure used, gaskets, and other pertinent information. This ensures traceability and provides our customers with security that there will be no leaks on startup.

General Contracting

Davco utilizes our network of prequalified subcontractors to take on any scopes of work that fall outside of our core competencies. We are experienced and efficient in project management, ensuring that our work and our subcontractor’s is completed on time and within the budget.

Heavy Lift & Transport

Davco provides cranes to our clients as a supplementary or stand alone service. We have dispatch hubs in Wainwright and Lloydminster. Our crane fleet includes Mobile cranes to 250T, Rough Terrain cranes to 110T, and boomtrucks to 45T. We also offer spyder cranes for tight areas, or inside buildings. We have a fleet of highway tractors, as well as an array of high-boy, low boy, trombone, 10’ wide, jeeper, booster, and pipe hauling trailers.

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