Working Here

Current Opportunities

Davco is looking for employees who take pride in their work and who enjoy working in their specified trade. Desirable candidates must have the ability to work well independently and as a part of a team. We also encourage any existing Davco employees to apply to any of these job postings.

To apply, please send your resume to:
Fax: 780-842-6619

Please view our current job postings on Indeed and submit a resume! Please submit resume, tickets, and references to if you wish to be considered for future opportunities.


We have a staff of qualified, ambitious people who are eager to learn, advance, and share their knowledge. At Davco we believe attitude is the key to a fun and productive work environment.

Apprentices: Davco believes in education! We strongly encourage suitable candidates to join the apprenticeship program to become certified as a Journeyperson. Davco can offer apprenticeship opportunities for pipefitters, welders, crane operators and mechanics.

Labourers: Davco's labourers are exposed to a variety of different duties and tasks: from operating bobcats to helping pipefitters and welders, loading trucks, etc. Davco encourages all workers with a strong aptitude and the right attitude to consider pursuing an apprenticeship with us to become certified tradespeople.

Journeymen Pipefitters: Davco employs journeymen pipefitters in our Wainwright fabrication shops as well as at our various field sites in the Wainwright and Lloydminster areas.

Journeymen Welders: Davco employs journeymen welders in our fabrication shops in Wainwright as well as on our various field sites in the Wainwright and Lloydminster areas.

Journeymen Heavy Duty Mechanics: Davco's Heavy Duty Mechanics are based out of Wainwright and are responsible for repairs and maintenance on all cranes and company vehicles.

Fire Extinguisher Technician: Davco has a fire extinguisher technician on staff to recharge fire extinguishers and complete monthly inspections.

Estimators: Davco employs estimators who focus on bidding for various projects. They collaborate with third party suppliers and subcontractors to obtain pricing and provide competitive quotes to our clients while still ensuring progressive opportunity for Davco.

Quality Control Inspectors (QCI): Davco's Quality Control Inspectors are committed to ensuring that the product and workmanship provided to our clients meets job specifications and is of the highest caliber.

Mobile Crane Operators: Davco employs several journeyman and apprentice crane operators who are responsible for coordinating and executing various lifts, both in the Wainwright yard and on job sites.

Field Safety Supervisors: Davco's safety supervisors are committed to ensuring that all field work is done in compliance with OH&S policy and are proactive in finding ways to improve the workplace.

Field Administrators: Davco's field administrators look after all administrative duties on the job sites and support effective communication between the job site and our main office in Wainwright.

Giving Back

We want to be welcomed in the communities that we work in. Our communities take care of our workers when they are not at work, and communities provide the next generation of workers. Our philanthropy focuses on school programs, local sports teams, and associations that our employees are passionate about.


Our employees are our greatest resource. We take pride in our work, and encourage the growth and development of our employees and community. Family is important to us, and we take the time to recognize the hard work that our employees put in to make our projects a success. We have an annual employee appreciation BBQ and golf tournament in the summer, and a Christmas party for employees and their families.